Each day I will move in silent meditation to commune with nature and witness the intelligence within every living thing. I will move silently and experience a sunset and realize that (I am) that.
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What is the root of martial power and ability?  How can a person develop functional martial skills that can also benefit their psychological, emotional, and physical well being? Do you have to go to a secluded area in the mountains in order to obtain true martial skill or spiritual power?   These are some of the questions that anyone serious about achieving physical health or martial excellence should be asking. 

There are hundreds of different martial art styles currently in existence, not to mention all the numerous other styles which have been lost in time. Despite there being so many styles, now and in the past, there is still only one type of human body.  Secrecy, wars, politics, laziness etc… have all contributed to the extinction or deterioration of styles, skills, and valuable knowledge of the human body.  Thankfully, not all secrets have been lost. There have been a few individuals and martial societies who have decided to share their knowledge of power, awareness, and its relationship to the human body with the world. The fact still remains that even though there are many styles still alive and flourishing, many of them do not have the level of power they may have had in the past.  

 The root of martial art power is not located in some region of China, somewhere in the remote areas of the Himalayas or any other place you could point to on a map. The foundation is much closer than you may think. It lies deep within you and every other living creature. It is the knowledge and application of power and awareness and how these two forces interact in the universe and in our bodies that lies at the root of martial power. It is the knowledge of how to breathe optimally, proper body alignment, and proper movement that makes the difference between an average martial artist and a truly powerful warrior.  Grandmaster Sifu Roosevelt Gainey, founder of the Taoist Tai Chi Kung system of Living Arts, has been generous enough to teach these secrets for over 40 years to whoever has been curious and diligent enough to learn.  Sifu Gainey has taught that the root of martial power and ability is the whole body functioning as one unit. The mind, body, and breath must work together for someone to be truly healthy and strong. Living the type of life we do in the modern world has made many of us into fragmented beings that are alienated from nature and each other. When we realize that we are not separated from nature or its forces then we have a new found respect and relationship with ourselves and the world.


Eliminate Stress at All Levels

The Taoist System of Living Arts is a remarkable new way to obtain health building, life-giving energy.  The approach to creating and developing energy is based on nature.  It is a natural way of breathing and moving.  Most people do not know that there is a direct connection between oxygen deficiency and disease.  Through practicing Tai chi Kung, one can prevent and even cure disease within the body.

In all serious disease states, we find a low oxygen state.  Low oxygen in the body is a sure indicator of disease.  Lack of oxygen in the cells and tissues is the fundamental cause for all degenerative disease.  Through the arts of Taoism, one can achieve in the body, a state of deep relaxation, which allows one to breathe fully.  This is the necessary for the body to overcome oxygen deficiency.  some symptoms of oxygen deficiency are; Mental stress, Emotional stress, and Physical stress, which produces body weakness, muscle and body pain, depression, dizziness, irritability, fatigue, memory loss, irrational behavior, circulation problems, poor digestion, acids stomach, powered immunity to colds, flu and infections bronchial conditions, tumors, deposit build-ups, bacterial, viral and parasitic infections.

The Tai chi Kung movements allows one to breathe so deeply that one is able to prevent and progressively overcome illness and stress at all levels by increasing oxygen intake and the cellular level.  As a result, energy levels are boosted dramatically and the immune system is strengthened.  The intake of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins and other essential nutrients are greatly enhanced from either natural food sources or from dietary supplements.  Chi Kung also the body the added oxygen it needs to oxidize and eliminate built-up toxins and poisons in the cells, tissues and bloodstream.  It also aids tremendously in treatment of respiratory and allergy related conditions such as asthma, sinus and upper respiratory infections.  When one practices these methods, then they can increase their quality of life to the fullest.

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