The Authority of Stillness


What is stillness? In the title of this article is the word “authority” and in the word authority is the word author. The author is the writer or creator of what is written, and so, stillness is the creator or author of things created in this world and all the manifested worlds. Stillness is the Void; it is the Center; the Witness; Silence; the Now; etc… These words are only differing in appearance but they all represent the same principal. All the world religions have different names for the Supreme Being some say” God”;” Allah”; “Jesus”. These words are just a representation of something infinitely greater than the word itself. Once you can realize this then you can understand what stillness is and how to access it anywhere and at any time without conflict with yourself and others.


The Great Stillness is like a “Heavenly Mother” clear, receptive, creative, making something out of nothing. This is the Tao the foundation of the foundation of the All. Everything made has stillness at the center of it; existing like a “kernel” bringing forth the thing that it was intended to. When we are doing standing exercises we are learning how to be still so that we can move with the highest level of efficiency, grace, and power. In standing still we are connecting to the whole cosmos irrespective of distance, time, or speed of any object. How is this possible? The answer is simple, the mind. The mind is the only thing we can still and it is the only thing that can achieve the unachievable. Great seers in the past have pointed to these truths and they have only been partly heard by the many and fully heard by only a few.


Listen and you will see, do and you will know. How receptive can you be? Many people search for “ultimate power” by going here and there restlessly in an attempt to find it somewhere. Why do they want it, for what purpose? Mostly, people end up getting lost and falling into all sorts of traps placed by the universe. Wicked people cannot get ultimate power because they can’t keep still. This is the great joke of the universe and wise people laugh when they know this. Our current society keeps on making things move faster and faster trying to achieve more and more. All they are achieving is more destruction and more confusion because they cannot see what they are doing properly; they are moving too fast. Why do you think Sifu Roosevelt Gainey emphasizes moving as slow as possible when we are practicing our art? He wants you to achieve the highest level; the innermost of the teachings of Being. If you want to go nowhere fast just keep moving faster and faster and you will get what you desire. If you are confused and want to know what to do, then you must stop what you are doing and become still; the universe will open up to you. This is the secret of learning with your heart.


You can be still no matter what you are doing. Washing the dishes, walking to school or work, even in a heated argument with your loved ones or enemies you can find the Great Stillness. I can’t really tell you how to go about finding it because words are not sufficient to carry the knowledge of “how to”. The great secret to this is in the saying “Let go!” Learn how to witness everything you are thinking, saying, and doing. Everyone who would like to learn this sacred knowledge must find out on their own how they can achieve this stillness. All Sifu can do is point you in the right direction but you must walk alone on the path to Self-Actualization. We are all alone on this journey but yet we are not alone (just look around yourself). This is the Ying and Yang as it manifests on our plane of existence. When you can see this then you will have tremendous peace in your life. As the “good book” says, “Be still and know that I am God”.


Lessons of the Tao,







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