Roosevelt Gainey was born in Newburn, North Carolina. He has been a Brooklyn native the majority of his life, and is one of six children. He started earning money at a young age to help out his family. He began practicing Martial Arts, Karate at the age of 11.

As a young teenager, he spent several years training with Vernon Burnell, learning the art of Kempo Karate earning a 4th Degree Black Belt. Off and on for 28 years, he trained under Great Grand Master Daniel McEaddy, earning a 6th Degree Black Belt in the Angelic System of Martial Arts. This 6th Degree in the Angelic System of Martial Arts includes Jui-Jitsu, Kung Fu, Osteology, Mycology, Kinesiology, Neurology, Lymphatic & Circulatory System, Logic and Philosophical Studies. During that time he was also training under C.C. Ling for 12 years, earning a Teachers Certificate for Hsing-Yi Baguazhang and Tai Chi.

In 1990, he began working with Senior Citizens, wanting to improve their health, strength and quality of life. He started working at Surf Solomon Jewish Senior Citizens Center and then working with JASA. It grew when the word got out, and he worked at as many as ten Senior Citizen Centers around the Brooklyn area. While improving senior's health and quality of life, he chose to continue his training.

In 1995, Roosevelt was Board Certified as a Health Specialist by the Scientific Martial Arts International Association. In the same year he was also inducted into the School of Pyramids Circle of Masters.

While continuing his studies in the Martial world, he was honored by The Blackness in Manhood, Inc. in 1996, for his achievements and contributions to the African American Communities of the City of New York. Mr. Alfred M. Martin, the Founder and President of the Blackness in Manhood Inc., bestowed this honor upon him.

In 1997, he was honored again, this time by the Circle of Masters. Here he was inducted into the Circle of Masters International Hall of Fame, and honored as an Alternative Health Specialist of the Year.

Roosevelt founded The Taoist System of Living Arts Inc. in 1998. His hard work and diligence has made him a pillar of the community. Working in Martial Arts for over 40 years, has helped him devise a system of Martial Health Arts called Taoist Tai Chi Kung and Body Energetics. This system is based on a natural way of breathing and moving.

In October 2002, he received a Community Service Award, presented by Ophelia Perry, Co-Chairperson and President of the Church Women United, Inc.-Brooklyn Unit, for his accomplishments, his continued growth in knowledge, inspirations, and for the individual gifts he has given the people of the community.

While teaching and studying, Roosevelt still finds the time to work with the Council of Unity and the Brooklyn South Political Club. Here he helps organize events and participates in upcoming events to empower the community.

He also taught the faculty and professors at New York City Technical College for three years, so that they could also benefit from his knowledge. He now teaches and certifies, Doctors, Police Officers, Teachers and other people in high stress related jobs and helps them overcome their emotional, mental and physical stress of their everyday jobs.

Roosevelt has given several workshops at Good Vibrations-We Heal Together in Suffern, NY. He has also given several workshops throughout the years, with long time associate, friend and mentor Dr. Aliyah Morgan, for the interns and residents at Brooklyn Hospital.

In 2008 he was inducted into the Official North American Federation of Martial Arts (NAFMA) Hall of Fame in recognition for his dedication and pursuit of martial arts excellence.

Presently he gives classes at the Nazarene Congressional Church, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Broadway Family Health Center and at the New York Open Center.

For the most recent endeavors, go to Yahoo and search Roosevelt Gainey.

Please Write to Sifu Gainey or call If you would like a copy Phone: (718) 372-7534 or


"This Book is for the young minds and for older minds who thought they had one." Christopher Cummings :)

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