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Circle Walking


              Circle Walking (stillness in motion), according to Sifu Roosevelt Gainey’s Tai Chi Kung philosophy,  can be described as standing  exercise put into rotation . By using correct stepping “function “with proper coordinated hand movements / non- movements we can generate and or perpetuate life force (chi).  Circular walking is done in order to use and also create toriadal (spiral) energy from the practitioner’s external and internal environments. We walk using circular motion on a horizontal plane (no tilting, no bobbing) with varying vertical heights (high, middle, or low basin) in order to gather, circulate, and distribute life force inside and outside our bodies.  Everything in this universe is spinning; left, right, up, down, forward, backward. Spinning is the most ancient movement in the physical universe. The spin of matter has been occurring ever since matter first manifested from the void (big bang).  We are, for the most part, the forgetful swirling “beings of light” that must regain the knowledge of revolutions/cycles/spin in order to return to the void (primordial home).

            Circle walking is characteristic of the internal art known as Baguazhang or 8 diagram palm (originally called “turning palm “). Circle walking can be found in other internal systems, often to a lesser degree, but was refined and was always of primary importance in baguazhang.  The alleged founder and undisputed master student of Baguazhang Sifu “Dong Hai Chuan” was also allegedly a member of the Taoist spiritual organization known as the “Lung Meng “(dragon gate) school of Taoism. This particular school of Taoism was said to walk in circles in order to go into trance, so as, to enter the Tao (unified consciousnesses of Totality) and practice their internal alchemy. The African ikung people (pygmies) would dance and chant while moving in circles in order to use the n/um (chi) energy stored in the navel and channel it up to the crown charka to achieve a state of! kia (full mind/body/spirit integration) for healing. The Lakota people of Dakotas here in the United States did something called the “Ghost Dance” where they would dance in circles in order to get the spiritual (spiraling breath) power necessary to stop their oppressors. No matter where you look on this sphere, every indigenous society seems to have some sort circular dance or ritual movement that was utilized for its facilitation of energy movement.

    In combat siuations circle walking is utilized even without moving in a circles around an opponent or opponents. Many people believe in order to do Baguazhang they must fight their opponent by walking around them in continuous circles. This would only serve the opponents interest in making your movements dangerously predictable and easily timed. Baguazhang does place high emphasis on swiftness and evasion but this can be done at any angle or direction; in circular or linear movement.  In Baguazhang, every strike, evade, and defence will have a circular component  with different parts of the body manifesting different circular motions in several directions all at once.  


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