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Flexing (Motion in Stillness) has often been described by many as “one of the hardest exercises in the world” (especially when done correctly!). It also happens to be a particularly quick or short path to practical functional power for everyday and martial use. The flexing exercises ultimately combines mind, body, and spirit to the point where the will of the practitioner is so infused throughout the whole body that it has allowed them to reach the level of  “thy will be done”.  This level of cultivated will is one of such unbending intent that it allows miraculous things to occur to the point where it is labeled as “sorcery” or “magic” to the layman or superstitious individual and “science” to the serious student or cultivator of the internal arts.

Flexing, remarkably, has been used since the dawn of humanity for the acquisition of power and knowledge. The Khoisan people of Southern Africa are the oldest known living group of human beings on the planet and they are also the first people we know of to have used whole body flexing to reach higher states of consciousness (trance dancing: circle walking/flexing). Flexing is even used by stars for the creation of the atomic elements necessary for life. How is it that a star utilizes flexing?  When a star flexes this is known as nuclear fusion (pressing together of elements) and this is what allows elements such as carbon and oxygen to be created. The “flexing” is what allows the star to create enough heat and light to shine for billions of years. 

According to Sifu Roosevelt Gainey’s Tai Chi Kung system, flexing exercises can lead to the coveted “diamond body” for those who are virgins and a “diamond like” body for the many non-virgin practitioners. What is the “diamond body”? The “diamond body” is an extremely strong and powerful (not hard!!) yet highly energetic, densely compacted and relaxed fluid state of the human body. Ultimately, the names of the types of bodies you can achieve are only names and names are just a symbolic representation of something much greater than any name. All practitioners must remember that focusing on the exterior of things will only lead to an individual falling futher into a state of sleep and illusion.  You can dedicate your whole life to practicing the energetic arts and still remain in a deep state of delusion if you are not careful.

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