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Mysteries of the Sacred Palm / Sacred Self


What has elevated mankind beyond any other creature? What has given humans the unparalleled ability to manipulate nature and control its destiny more than any other animal? What do we possess that has such a tremendous impact on our brain’s development, yet, most people seldom ever consider its true value. The answer is touchingly simple, the human hand!!  There is no other universally recognized symbol and literally important representation of human creativity and Will power than that of the human hand? The hands represent the totality of our being.  Hands have had a monumental impact on both human intellectual and spiritual development. Its significance has been known to mystics, spiritual adepts, and religions since time immemorial.  Some modern doctors and scientist have started to realize the great importance of the hands. In the book “Will Developed Intelligence” by David Mitchell and Patricia Livingston, Swedish neurophysiologist Matti Bergstrom states:

            “The density of nerve endings in our fingertips is enormous. Their discrimination is almost as good as that of our eyes. If we don't use our fingers, if in childhood and youth we become “finger-blind,” this rich network of nerves is impoverished—which represents a huge loss to the brain and thwarts the individual's all-around development. Such damage may be likened to blindness itself. Perhaps worse, while a blind person may simply not be able to find this or that object, the finger-blind cannot understand its inner meaning and value. If we neglect to develop and train our children’s fingers and the creative formbuilding capacity of their hand muscles, then we neglect to develop their understanding of the unity of things; we thwart their aesthetic and creative powers.”


            Beyond the connection between the hands, intellect, and technological development is the role hands play in controlling subtle energies inside and outside the human body. Just as we can wield instruments in order change the world around us, we can use the hands as instruments to manipulate life energies to heal ourselves and other living beings.

 In Taoist, Buddhist, Yogic, Christian, Islamic, etc… mystic traditions use “hand seals” or what is known mudras in order reach the highest levels of human spiritual/physical potentiality. The Dervishes of the Sufi “Order of Mevlevi” use hand seals in conjunction with their spinning dances (universal circle) in order to invoke the Creator. In the Ancient Mystery School system we have the “Hand of The Mysteries”. The initiate would be given an image of the hand with esoteric symbols that they must meditate on in order to help them accomplish the internal alchemical process. In Islam we have the “Hand of Fatima” or “Hamsa hand”; Judaism has the “Hand of Miriam”; Christianity has its “Mano Pandorosa” or “Hand of Power”. There are too many religions and religious mystic traditions (probably all of them!) that utilize the hands and hand symbolism for me to explain to the reader in this article.  I implore the reader to research on their own and know for themselves the mystery of the “hands”.  As Sifu Roosevelt Gainey always says, “Those who do know!!”

            In our system, the palm is the whole hand; the whole hand is the body; the body is the universe; and the universe is a reflection of the “Tao”. Every exercise in our system utilizes the totality of our body (palm) in order to achieve oneness of being (enlightenment). When our awareness is brought to our palms (hands) we are aware of the whole body. When we are aware of our body we should be, simultaneously, aware of our hands. The shape of the hands, actually, shape and vitalizes our physical and subtle energy bodies.  When we use the dragon palm shape we spread the metacarpal bones (back of the hand) and curve our fingers as if we are holding a ball. The hands harmonize with the feet (As it is above, so is it below!!), so, we must also spread our metatarsus bones (top of the feet) and curve the toes slightly so as to grip the earth. Our whole body must be “spread open” (36 internal presses) and have a slightly rounded shape. We must be as Sifu Roosevelt Gainey told me,” a total expression of expansion”.

Energetically our body has several spheres that are all compressed into one sphere. How we use our spheres determines how we use our energy (issuing, absorbing; directing). Energy moves in accordance to the way we turn (Will) our spheres. The energetic spiraling of energy happens when the energy moving around the surface of these spheres moves a complete 360 degrees in a specific direction. In martial application we can move spheres in varied and opposing directions which can totally confuse and dismantle our opponents unless they are sensitive and powerful enough to re-direct the energies to their advantage.

 When all the spheres are opened and expanded (because of the internal presses coupled with deep relaxation from “letting go” and breathing deeply) you are automatically in the state known as “Song”. This is the optimal state for self-healing, healing others, and for self defense. Most people are walking around with dented energy spheres (that need some hammering!!) and through doing Qigong properly and consistently they can have energy flow through all the channels and fill up all the vessels (organs). When the body is full of vitality in the vessels and flowing unimpeded through the channels, then the extra energy can be used to create the “golden embryo” or “immortal fetus”. The “immortal fetus” if fed and nurtured correctly becomes the “immortal body” and one becomes “born again” and can live eternally with their personal ego fused with the Supreme ego or Cosmic mind.

“They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover” (Mark 16:18). The hands are unmatched in their ability to absorb, emit, and manipulate energy.  As guardians of health they are natural protectors of the body. When the hands and the body are used as one” palm” then any part of your body can be used for self defense with whole body power. In training our hands we are training the Will until we are true conscious creators. We don’t have to be victims to circumstance once you “Know thy Self”. The Transitional Palm exercise is one of the most highly advanced methods of cultivating Will, absorbing energy, issuing energy, and returning to one’s original nature. Transitional Palm imitates the transformation of energy throughout the universe as it flows from an un-manifested state of existence, to manifestation, and then back to the stillness.    

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