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Joint Manipulation


What is the sacred dance of “function”? How can you move instantaneously in response to a dangerous situation when there is no time to think? Where do you find the ultimate style of fighting that exercises the whole body at once? Who or what is a dragon warrior?

Fortunately, you don’t have to look any further than the closest mirror to see a potential dragon warrior. If you can “dance” the sacred “dance of function” (joint manipulation/formless form) and breathe using the dragon’s breath then you can get a dragon body. How powerful of a dragon body one achieves is determined by how much work one puts into doing joint manipulation along with the other three pillars of Sifu Gainey’s Tai Chi Kung system(standing; circle walking; flexing) . In addition to the four pillars there are many other supplemental exercises in the Tai Chi Kung system that serve to make the student’s physical, emotional, and spiritual energies more complete, potent, and refined. First the dragon walks, then the dragon swims, and finally the dragon flies.

Joint manipulation consists of turning, twisting, stretching, bending, rooting, flexing, relaxing, slow deep breathing and having complete mindfulness all at once. These nine actions do tremendous things for your body in that it is strengthening every bodily system (circulatory, respiratory, nervous, etc…) of your body while simultaneously detoxifying and infusing conscious awareness throughout the whole body. In joint manipulation the practitioner is allowing their body to freely move, constantly, rhythmically without prescribed patterns while being fully aware of the movements and feelings outside and inside the body. This is why I call it a “dance of function” because it is a beautiful creative continuous movement with power. This “dance” is formed but it is formless (formless form), it is a manifestation of the wholeness and duality of the Tao.

Each motion in joint manipulation strengthens neural connections throughout the body so that when the body wants to move in a particular manner, it can. Joint manipulation will help the mind to not perceive itself as being just in the head but throughout the whole body and even beyond the boundaries of your skin. Turning, twisting, and moving at different angles breaks through different energy blockages throughout the body and when the time comes for you to move in a particular way you will be able do it instantly because your energy is flowing unimpeded. Instantaneous unrestricted movement with full body power is the ultimate fighting ability. This is fighting and moving like a dragon, this is formless form manifesting for self protection. No matter what particular style of combat someone knows it could never compare to the person who has no style; a person who can move in any direction at any time with power, balance, and fluidity without telegraphing their motion. A person like this is like the Tao and moves like a dragon soaring through the clouds unpredictable, joyful, and awesome in its own being.


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