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          It seems as if current science has finally caught up with the ancient subtle energy practitioners of old. Now it has become more evident in Western academia that the ancient assertions that we are affected by and probably should live in accordance to principals of magnetism, or more correctly electro-magnetism (yin/ yang theory, hermetic principal of polarity, etc…) were right on target. This idea, which was once generally ridiculed by mainstream science, seems to be more accurate than what has generally been accepted. In the January 2012 edition of the magazine “Scientific American” there is an article entitled “The Compass Within “. This article explains that there is an actual animal magnetic sense that is not fully understood but may lead to an understanding of how animals (it did not mention plants but I have a strong feeling they will someday) may be affected by the Earth’s electromagnetic field.

The article “The Compass Within “is stating that the magnetic sense is a real sense but very poorly understood by western science. They have not found this ability in all animals (yet) or do they claim to know how it exactly works but they have found it in a wide variety of animals from microscopic creatures, to fish, birds, reptiles, and mammals. These modern scientists just don’t seem quite able to understand why animals have this sense and what the practical use or advantage may be. If these modern scientists were able to directly feel and experience the electromagnetism all around us then they might get a clue as to why we shouldn’t be destroying the biosphere and they just might see why we should stop all this destructive mining.

The earth has subtle electrical current of extremely low frequency known as telluric currents or “earth currents” that flow through the earth’s crust and mantle. Ancient megalithic builders would build sacred stone structures at points on the earth where these currents were concentrated in order to utilize the energy. These energy lines crisscross the earth like a gigantic energetic grid. Researchers in the article commented on the fact that when they observed cattle in natural environments that the cattle would align themselves with earth’s magnetic north (different than geographical north). Interestingly, the cattle lost their ability to align with magnetic north when they were too close to power lines. This shows you the dangers of these power lines to the nervous system of the cattle. One can’t help wondering what damage power lines and using electricity in general have on us and other electromagnetically sensitive life when we use it every day, year after year.

When we do standing practice, walking the circle or even just breathing exercises we utilize the electromagnetic energy of the earth, atmosphere, and the cosmos around us for health and also spiritual enlightenment. In experiencing the energy directly we know, instead of believing, that there is a power that moves within and outside of us. With this knowledge we can make a better assessment of the world around us in order to live in a more harmonious relationship with the world. We know (as a opposed to just believing) that if we do not live in accordance with the laws and principals of Nature it will lead to our own destruction.

In past ages there were humans who were superior to those of today (sorry Darwin!). They had a better understanding of the subtle energies that flow in and around us. These supreme people were “seers” and they actually saw (not necessarily just with their physical eyes) energy as it flows within themselves and in the universe as a whole. When there was a high degree of understanding of these energies humans enjoyed what has been called “Golden Ages”. This was a time when people communed with nature most intimately; everything around us was perceived as alive and filled with awesome power and reverence. These were the times of truly healthy people who had use of all their senses (In Ancient Egypt they catalogued up to 360 senses).

One cannot begin to imagine how such a people saw the world. As time progressed, people “fell from grace” and began to lose more and more of their senses until we have reached our present state where it seems as if we are now somewhat senseless. People look and they don’t see, hear but don’t listen, touch but can’t feel. Look at the type of world we have created? We have arrived at the point where it seems that whatever little senses people have left people they are willing to give it away to machines and technology in the name of comfort and supposed progress. The argument in academia is not one about having a society of enlightened people, but instead, of a society of enlightened machines and human machine symbiosis. (Just check tout trans-humanism and technological singularity) We are now living in an age of ignorance, darkness, and insensitivity to each other and mother earth.

It is our responsibility to change ourselves from within instead of trying to changing things outside of us to fit our unhealthy internal desires. We should stop mis-creating on this planet until we have reached a state of inner harmony and harmonization with nature. It is from a point of internal balance and stillness that we should we do anything if we are to do anything at all. Roosevelt Gainey’s Taoist System of Living Arts is a system that teaches how to re-integrate with nature and find that supreme balance that exists within and outside of us. In harmonizing the inner nature with the outer nature we find oneness and merge into infinity. We at the Taoist System of Living Arts invite you to feel this energy for yourself and join us on this journey of self-actualization and universal loving oneness.

Circle Walking


Circle Walking (stillness in motion), according to Sifu Roosevelt Gainey’s Tai Chi Kung philosophy,  can be described as standing  exercise put into rotation . By using correct stepping “function “with proper coordinated hand movements / non- movements we can generate and or perpetuate life force (chi).  Circular walking is done in order to use and also create toriadal (spiral) energy from the practitioner’s external and internal environments. We walk using circular motion on a horizontal plane (no tilting, no bobbing) with varying vertical heights (high, middle, or low basin) in order to gather, circulate, and distribute life force inside and outside our bodies.  Everything in this universe is spinning; left, right, up, down, forward, backward. Spinning is the most ancient movement in the physical universe. The spin of matter has been occurring ever since matter first manifested from the void (big bang).  We are, for the most part, the forgetful swirling “beings of light” that must regain the knowledge of revolutions/cycles/spin in order to return to the void (primordial home).

Circle walking is characteristic of the internal art known as Baguazhang or 8 diagram palm (originally called “turning palm “). Circle walking can be found in other internal systems, often to a lesser degree, but was refined and was always of primary importance in baguazhang.  The alleged founder and undisputed master student of Baguazhang Sifu “Dong Hai Chuan” was also a member of the Taoist spiritual organization known as the “Lung Meng “(dragon gate) school of Taoism. This particular school of Taoism was said to walk in circles in order to go into trance, so as, to enter the Tao (unified consciousnesses of Totality). The African ikung people (pygmies) would dance and chant while moving in circles in order to use the n/um (chi) energy stored in the navel and channel it up to the crown charka to achieve a state of! kia (full mind/body/spirit integration) for healing. The Lakota people of Dakotas here in the United States did something called the “Ghost Dance” where they would dance in circles in order to get the spiritual (spiraling breath) power necessary to stop their oppressors (U.S. government). No matter where you look on this sphere, every indigenous society seems to have some sort circular dance or ritual movement that was utilized for its facilitation of energy movement.

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