Origin of the Center


In our system we often speak about something called a “center”. What is the center? There are physical centers and energetic centers which make up our whole being. The physical centers (finite points of symmetry in the physical body) are supported by our energy centers (infinite spinning expressions of subtle energy at varying speeds; chakras). The concept of a “center” can be seen as the first point or points of manifestation of our explicit universe. When Sifu says move from our “center” we are not just moving from our navel chakra but we are moving from the center (middle of everything; fingers; hands; arms; torso; etc…) of our whole body at once.


We can speak of “being” as manifestations from a center (I, Me, ideas, perceptions, preconceived notions of self, etc…) expanding outwards and becoming our experienced reality. We must always remember that our center is just a temporary manifestation of being. Our more fundamental nature is of “no center” or “non-being”. This is the realm of total potentiality or what can be described as the implicit universe; un-manifested reality. When we are rooted in the un-manifested reality we can become anything without being attached to “things”. This is the secret to adaptation and flowing in a universe of constant change and motion; this is the place stillness calls home.


Many people are stuck in their “being” and cannot change their lives. The experiences of people in the world (some say past “worlds” as well; inherited genes) and constant reaffirmations of what they think they are, have them stuck in a self-constructed “I” in which they have become a prisoner. If a person can see that they are the constructors of the “I” then they can escape the prison of the constructed self. How can you be the wind, the sun, and the moon? A person rooted in “non-being” can achieve oneness with everything and is controlled by nothing.


The martial aspects of our Tai Chi Kung system allow us to react to any situation with “spontaneous” kung fu. Our system is rooted in “non-being” and whenever we initiate an action we become “being”. The “center” we create is the beginning of our spiral manifestation from the void; this is the secret of our art. Free from preconceived notions of self we have freedom of movement and we are full of power. If we can get pass all the layers of being and function from our non-being then we can tell a “mountain to move” and it will flee. What kind of world can we create if we could tap into the infinite source of creativity? Do we have to keep on reliving in the past? Can we live now, uniquely, experiencing the world in all its fullness and glory?


      Lessons from the Tao,



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