The power of “Imagination” cannot be overstated. It is one of the most fundamental powers of creation.  If you take the time to look

around you will see that everything we consciously create (with Intent and Will) is the product of our imagination. Ultimately, all

creation is the product of the imagination of the “Supreme Consciousness” or “Universal Mind”.  The truth is that everything,

ultimately, is formed within the “Mind” of the “Supreme Being”. Everything the "Supreme Being" manifests is done with

“Consciousness”,   “Intent”, and "Will" manifested as material creation. Why is this so? It is so because with the “Supreme Being”

there is no “Unconsciousness” and without "Consciousness" “Intent” and “Will” there would be no manifestations of creation.

Without these qualities,

everything would just remain in the realm of potentiality or within the "un-manifested" world of the formless.  Intent and imagination

are closely aligned because “intent” is the “purpose” or “what we would like to do” (overall plan) and “imagination” is the image or

picture we hold in our mind in reference to our purpose or our intent (details of the plan). “Will” is the desire to fulfill our “intent”

 in accordance with what is imagined or imaged in our Mind. This is the three fold  process of creation that

manifests, simultaneously, in the Supreme Being (“As above”) and within us (“So below”) in the NOW.  We, endowed with a

portion of the Supreme Mind which is infinite in its nature, also possess an infinite mind because infinity divided by any amount is

still infinity.  With this knowledge in your possession can you use your mind to create consciously, willfully, and with the great power

of imaging? What pictures do you hold in your mind? How are you fulfilling your role as a creator? Search yourself and you will

know. Remember, the choice is yours to make.     

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