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Secret of the Sacred Palm Shape


In the Body Energetic’s system of living arts there are many nuances that must be adhered to in order to accomplish whole mind body integration. As I have stated in previous articles, an observer may see you practicing and think they know what you are doing but they may not really “know” what you are doing unless they know what to “look” for. One often overlooked thing is the shape of our palm or hands when we are doing our exercises. Sacred geometry or sacred shapes are the governors of matter in our physical world, so it does matter how we shape or hold ourselves. It is important how we hold our body and our thinking in order to be in alignment with the cosmos and allow the divine energy to augment us.

The palm represents the body and the body represents the palm. In order for the body to be healthy and strong it must have enough space within it to allow the universal energy to accumulate and circulate properly. What does it mean to have “enough space”? Tension, too much thinking, and poor posture all create blockages and decrease the amount space in the body. Space is very important because space is the place for creation to move and exist. If you want to re-create yourself you must have the necessary space. You must know this for yourself and not just “believe” what has been said or written by people. This can only happen by being a constant “witness” to your “self” (your whole being; outside, inside, good, bad, pretty, and ugly parts of you!), as Sifu would say “those who know do and those who do know”.

In our system we primarily hold our hand in the Dragon palm shape for most of our exercises. Even if we make a fist (man) or any of the other “8 Immortals” hand shapes (Woman; Man; Dragon; Tai Chi Sword; Tiger; Panther; Northern Eagle; Southern Eagle) we must adhere to the same laws of “function” that determine how we form the Dragon palm. The secret to the Dragon palm shape or one “law” of its “functioning” is not in the palm of the hand but in the back of the hand. The metacarpal bones in the hand (part of it is commonly referred to as the” knuckles”) must be spread in order to allow the vital energy to energize the palm and open up the Laogong point in the center of the palm. In the same manner the “palm” or bottom of the foot must simultaneously be energized by spreading the top or metatarsus bones of the feet to open the Yongquan (bubbling well) point.

When we spread the back of the hands to create the Dragon palm shape we must also curve our fingers slightly and evenly as if we are holding a ball (Energetic purple ball!!). In Tai chi Kung we hold our body as we hold our hand, stretched and expanding outwards with slight curves throughout our body so we have a full rounded feeling. While we are spreading the back of our hands we are simultaneously spreading the top of our feet and curving our toes towards the ground and standing on our “energetic balls”; light and with firmness pressing into our mother earth. In doing these “little” things we accomplish “great” or “big” things without strain or effort. Hotep (Supreme Peace)

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