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Song of the 9 Laws of Function



The tiger crouches as the dragon rises

Looking through the tiger’s mouth, there are no surprises

I can see

My hearts so quiet, so free

Free to be in Stillness

Still enough to be

Simply be, the origin of all energy

A mind with no ties

Shines radiant through the eyes

My presence, a soft gentle glow

I don’t believe anything, I just know

Turn the forearm and float the elbow

What is my prize?

Is my prize that my opponent flies towards the skies?


Before the mother’s palm he cries

My motion in stealth

Before a tiger’s mouth he knelt

Moved by the energy he felt

Again, ferocious did he come

So I applied functional law#1

Move the Qua


I turned, he did too, and so he flew

Like a cyclone propelling dew

That is how I knew I applied law#2

I moved and so did he

All in accordance with functional law#3

I neutralized his anger, staying within my chamber

Feel the lion’s roar

What more can help settle the war?

Staying in my chamber, honoring law#4

This was his war

His foolish pride was hurt

Seconds before he hit the dirt

I activated functional law#5 and pressed away the earth

Lighter than a feather

The elbow floated

It happened like magic he never noticed

It’s function, no tricks

It’s all there, apply law#6

I turned my forearm and never warned him

His ignorance was my bliss

I knew without a doubt functional law#7 justly comes after 6

His mistake sealed his fate

I struck within his chamber and manifested law#8 

As quickly as it was done it became nothing

The dragon escaped its dungeon

All the moves became one

Melting into the 9th law of function

Looking around, no opponent did I see

Now I realize, I started to laugh

All this time I was fighting only me.



Student of the Dao

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