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"Standing which is Motion in Stillness is a simple but very difficult exercise to achieve.

You will learn how to keep awareness in the body and how to stay in the "now".

Standing is the foundation and beginning of all movement."






"In standing practice (with proper relaxation, breathing, alignment, and awareness) we discover that the chi flows inside our body, spiraling up and down, in and out towards the eight directions and back to us. This is why we say that in standing practice we manifest motion in stillness. By not moving, we can feel our insides move with our mind and become sensitive to the natural energy of the body. It is said that, "In order to know the force you must first feel the force, then you can become one with the force, and eventually with enough work you can intend the force." This is not possible without the stillness of being that we can get from just standing still. Stillness is the sum total of all energy. It is from the stillness that we originate and it is to the stillness we must eventually return. In standing we become like a living antenna that tunes into the heavenly energy above, the earth energy below, and all the energy in between."


When our Tai Chi Kung practitioners are doing their standing exercises they are not just standing arbitrarily, though it may seem so to the “uninitiated” observer. There is a lot going on beneath the surface of the practitioner’s skin and what is seen by an observer is not necessarily what it seems to be. In our standing exercises we are doing a multitude of things that ultimately develop our bodily (mind / physical body integration) intelligences beyond what is considered normal or average in today’s so called “modern” world. In standing exercise we are doing our “internal presses”, we are also holding our awareness at particular “areas of power (ex: baihui , dantien, ming ming, bubbling well) in our body and outside our body(ex: standing on underground purple / violet ball, center of the planet, opposite end of the planet, the cosmos) while simultaneously being aware of our whole body. We are watching the ebb and flow of our breathing while making sure we are holding our body correctly. All of the different things we are doing are exercising our mental and physical faculties to their highest possible potentialities.


            Our practitioner is trying to achieve stillness and may be trying to be as still as possible but the physical body can never be truly “still” and still be “alive”. The body is composed of biological systems that rely on proper and precise motions to keep it “going”. If you want to go even further, fundamentally the body is composed of atoms and their subatomic parts that are always in a state of flux. Sifu Gainey has constantly stated in class that the only thing that can be still is the MIND! Through “witnessing” with the absolute totality of our being, “letting go” and relaxing totally from the outermost of ourselves to the innermost of ourselves all the while keeping our postural alignment with our internal presses, we achieve a living and absolutely dynamic “stillness”.


There are many standing postures taught to our students. (We also have seated and laying postures and still keeping the same “laws and principals” that are utilized in our standing exercises. We may be seated or laying “externally” but we are still “standing” internally). Every posture manipulates energy around and inside the student in a unique configuration and correspondingly has its unique effect on the body. Stillness can be achieved in any posture (actually anywhere, in any bodily position, and any external circumstance for those who are adept!) The more correctly a posture can be held and the more stillness a person possesses then the more energy can be absorbed, circulated, and transformed into Shen. Also, the more energy that can be absorbed and circulated by the practitioner then the better a person can heal themselves and others. Lastly, the more energy a person possess and the higher the vibrational frequency or quality of that energy then the easier it is for a person to successfully use their will and intent(with a little help of the powers of the imagination!) to manifest what they “wish” or desire to exist.  












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