The Secrets of Self



 Many people think they know themselves. People may think they know who they are but the question they should ask is not “who they are” but “what are they?” What are we and what are we made of? Science says that we are living beings composed of a combination of matter and electromagnetic energy with four forces acting within us as well as outside of us (gravity, electromagnetism, strong nuclear, weak nuclear). According to most generally accepted scientific theories, it is the proper combination of matter and electromagnetic energies that give rise to what most scientists consider nature’s pinnacle achievement, the modern human brain. They believe the human brain then creates consciousness and allows us to have awareness (scientific materialist idea). Theses scientists practically worship the brain and think of it as the seat of intelligence but supreme intelligence existed before a brain and it will exist even after the last brain in this universe dies. What about the knowledge of the heart, the bones, or even the spleen? Supreme intelligence is not just the knowledge that the brain receives from the environment but the knowledge of the environment (external universe) and the whole body (internal universe) combined.


What is matter? What is electromagnetic energy? Where does it all come from? These are the questions to contemplate for anyone who is seeking knowledge of self and the answers to the origins of this universe. Any human being that wishes to fulfill their highest potential of existence must be exceedingly curious. A person must question what they think they know about reality, what they have been taught by religious institutions, schools, certain scientific philosophies (scientific materialism) etc… One highly unfortunate result of poor religious and educational institutions is the systemic destruction of the natural curiosity found in us all.


Accounts of creation found in all religious doctrines seek to explain what we are and where we came from. Almost all of the world religions say that we come from a divine all-powerful source somewhere in the distant past. Supposedly, after we were created we went from a positive state of direct contact and fellowship with the Creator to a negative state of an ever increasing distancing from the Creator (“fall of Man” in Christianity). This paradigm is a part of a linear view of space and time it may not be as accurate as it seems to be. Space and time are not linear but non-linear.


The truth is that the Creator and the Creation are not at some fixed point in the past many billions of years ago. The past, present, and future all exists simultaneously and it is the flow or movement of consciousness in a particular direction that give us the illusion of time. The creation and destruction of the universe is happening all the time. The universe is created by an observer (consciousness) collapsing the wave function of matter and energy. The wave function is really just an infinite potentiality or possibility of existence with consciousness collapsing the wave function into a tangible reality. The Creator is the Supreme Consciousness, Supreme Mind, or Supreme Being/Non- Being that is both the wave function and the consciousness which collapses the the wave function of everything in the universe. The home of the Supreme Mind and all levels of consciousness is ultimately stillness (Vacuum state, Zero-point field, Wu chi state, Void, Non-Being, etc…)


Supreme Mind contains all the varying degrees of consciousness which are the unconscious, subconscious, conscious, super-conscious, and finally the supreme conscious. Regular consciousness contains the subconscious and the unconscious mind. Super-consciousness contains regular consciousness, the sub-conscious and unconscious mind. Supreme consciousness contains all the other conscious levels combined. All these subdivisions are not separate but whole, complete, interconnected aspect of Mind. Even if you are not aware every differing level of consciousness is involved with your being. In closing, I must say “Know Thy Self”; then and only when you will know the secrets of the universe or one harmony which is you.


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